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In most contexts, the Chicago ellipsis is much too wide"he recommends using flush dots, or thin-spaced dots (up to one-fifth of an em), or the prefabricated ellipsis character (Unicode U+2026, Latin entity …)12404 Error Please Try The Following If you typed the page address in the Address bar, make sure that it is spelled correctlyName Glyph TeX markup Lower ellipsis … {displaystyle ldots ,!} ldots Centred ellipsis ⋯ {displaystyle cdots ,!} cdots Diagonal ellipsis ⋱ {displaystyle ddots ,!} ddots Vertical ellipsis ⋮ {displaystyle vdots ,!} vdots With the amsmath package from AMS-LaTeX, more specific ellipses are provided for math mode.[26]The Chicago Style Q&A recommends to avoid the use of (U+2026) character in manuscripts and to place three periods plus two nonbreaking spaces (...) instead, so that an editor, publisher, or designer can replace them later.[27]The triple-dot punctuation mark is also called a suspension point, points of ellipsis, periods of ellipsis, or colloquially, "dot-dot-dot".[2]The most common form of an ellipsis is a row of three periods or full stops (


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In some legal writing, an ellipsis is written as three asterisks (*** or ***) to make it obvious that text has been omittedWiley (2003), page 138 ^ MDN - text-overflow ^ CSS Basic User Interface Module Level 3 - text-overflow ^ Simpson, J (2005)Retrieved 2012-11-08When applied in Polish language syntax, the ellipsis is called wielokropek, which means "multidot"Slate (magazine)In OS X, it can be inserted with Opt+; (on an English language keyboard)Style guides often have their own rules governing the use of ellipsesIn this case, however, the ellipsis consists not of dots but of short dashes.[3] "Subpuncting" of medieval manuscripts also denotes omitted meaning and may be related.[4]


1 , 2 , 3 , … , 100 {displaystyle 1,2,3,ldots ,100,} ScienceDiscovery ChannelDiscovery in spanishfor an omitted word Wi-Fi root K RPG 3D DOTA Recent Research Developments in Learning TechnologiesThe ellipsis is a non-verbal cue that is often used in computer-mediated interactions, in particular in synchronous genres, such as chatIn some Linux distributions, it can be inserted with AltGr+., or alternatively guillemets hyphen hyphen-minus - question mark ? quotation marks ''"" semicolon ; slash, stroke, solidus / Word dividers interpunct space General typography ampersand & asterisk * at sign backslash bullet caret ^ dagger degree ditto mark inverted exclamation mark inverted question mark note numbersign, pound, hash, octothorpe # numero sign obelus multiplication sign ordinal indicator percent, per mil % plus and minus + equals sign = basis point pilcrow prime section sign tilde underscore, understrike vertical bar, pipe, brokenbar Intellectual property copyright sound-recording copyright registered trademark service mark trademark Currency currency sign currency symbols $ Uncommon typography asterism hedera index, fist interrobang irony punctuation lozenge tie Related Diacritics Logic symbols Whitespace characters In other scripts Chinese Hebrew Japanese Korean Category Portal Book v t e 440

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